Procrastination – Finding the Answers as to why you do it!

We all procrastinate and put off doing certain tasks that need to be done. Your procrastination may be specific to one area of your life, such as starting that diet, exercise, making a call, meeting a deadline or making a decision. Or it may be in all areas of your life. Either way, procrastination may be holding you back from living a free flowing vibrant life.

So why do we procrastinate?

Why do we choose not to do what we need to do, in favour of doing something less important, all the while knowing that there will be negative consequences to our in-action.… and we still choose to delay.

Awareness of your own procrastination processes will bring the answer.

First it is helpful to understand what you say to yourself when you put off that important task, because there-in lie’s a belief which may need to be challenged, and replaced with a more useful belief.

                Some common excuses:

  • I’m tired.
  • I will do it tomorrow.
  • I am in the wrong mood.
  • I can only start if I know I can do it well.
  • I will do it when I want to, not because someone is telling me to.
  • It won’t be fun or it will be hard, so I will put off the pain.
  • If I try I might fail.


If that inner voice inside your head at this point is also saying ‘it’s because you’re lazy’, then we can dispute that belief too! How we behave is always looking for a good result. It may be that the payoff for procrastination is avoidance of feeling uncomfortable, and seen in this light it is understandable. If we try to avoid the anxiety and discomfort involved with the task, then we benefit from the avoidance, and means we are more and more likely to procrastinate.

If you feel you could benefit from finding the meaning of your procrastination and would like some practical help to STOP procrastination, then make an appointment for counselling with Bronwyn at Your Path Psychotherapy and Counselling by phoning 021 127 7738 or send an email to

Together we can:

Find the meaning of your procrastination.
Develop strategies to end procrastination and tolerate discomfort.
Build confidence in your capabilities and meet your challenges with courage and confidence.
Help you step into a more vibrant life. 

My counselling rooms are in Greenlane, Auckland, skype appointments are also available if necessary. For further information you can also log onto

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