Grief and Choosing Your Future

Grief counselling is often only pursued when the process of grief becomes so overwhelming that your ability to function is impaired significantly.

Or maybe you choose not to pursue counselling as your own resilience and life experience, and the love and support of family and friends, can facilitate the grief process so you can resume living in the now very much changed world without your loved one.

But what if grief counselling can facilitate a grieving process that means you can actively choose the life you want to live going forward, which respects and is inclusive of the loved one who has died but also respects you as an individual and your life journey. What if grief counselling can meet you in the following ways:

  • Facilitate and a witness your grief journey. The counsellor walks alongside you.
    Is sensitive to your physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs.
  • Provides constructive and supportive guidance, and focuses your attention and priorities.
  • Facilitates self-reflective and deliberate choices, after evaluation of alternatives.
  • Helps you build a sense of trust in yourself so you can give new direction to your life.
  • Helps you builds a stable of coping strategies that recognise your vulnerabilities and limits and has your self-care at heart, but also stimulates a new way of being.
  • Moves you from a sense of helplessness to a growing sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Grief counselling can help you recognise that grieving is an active process, not just a something to get through. It can be a growth process.

If you would like to be with your grief in a different way then consider making an appointment with a counsellor who specialises in grief and bereavement work. Make an appointment with Bronwyn at Your Path Psychotherapy and Counselling, in her rooms in Greenlane, Auckland.

Attig, T.  (2011) How We Grieve. Relearning the World.  Oxford University Press Inc, New York.

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