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Is it most common to come to counselling when you are having troubles in your relationships or you are experiencing an emotional crisis or high levels of stress. Transitional changes in your life such as getting married, having a baby, loss of a loved one or reaching mid-life can provoke a kind of chaos that makes your life confusing.  The reasons for coming to counselling can be many and varied and will be specific to only you.

Is there a goal?

Usually you will want to feel better NOW.

The process of counselling not only seeks to diminish anxiety in the short term, it also seeks to create change, for without change you may return to the same levels of distress. Real change comes from understanding how you think, feel, and behave and understanding how you may be contributing to your distress.  Counselling allows the time and space to increase this understanding.

By entering a relationship with a counsellor, together you can broaden your perspectives and facilitate choices you can make and take action.

Counselling increases awareness, removes obstacles to growth and change, and generates freedom and responsibility. Benefits you may receive include being more resourceful, increased self-esteem and acceptance of all aspects of yourself, increased tolerance for the uncertainties in life, increased resilience, and having an expanded capacity for emotional intimacy.

The process fosters courage to meet your challenges.

You will move from confusion to clarity. Anxiety will diminish as you find new ways of being that are more satisfying to you.

Your First Session

Taking that first step along the path of change can sometimes be difficult. As a counsellor, it is my intention to create an atmosphere for you which is safe, mutually respectful, non-judgmental and supportive. In the first session I will explain the process more fully including how I work and confidentiality. We will also explore together what aspects of you or your life you work most like to focus, and also your expectations and goals.

Counselling is not about giving advice. It is about working together to access your own wisdom and find your own answers or solutions.

If you would like more information about counselling, please log onto my website at or consider making an appointment to see me in my counselling rooms in Auckland.

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