What to Expect

The Path of Psychotherapy and Counselling

We often first come to psychotherapy or counselling with a narrow view of our lives. We have our blinkers on. Together we can broaden your perspectives and facilitate choices you can make and take action.

Your First Session
Taking that first step along the path of change can sometimes be difficult. It is my intention to create an atmosphere for you which is safe, mutually respectful, non-judgmental and supportive. In the first session I will explain the process more fully including how I work and confidentiality. We will also explore together what aspects of you or your life you would most like to change, and also your expectations and goals.

We will also discuss the necessity for full disclosure, any previous therapy experiences, how to maximise your progress, the need for patience and also that it may be that you feel worse before you feel better.

Psychotherapy and counselling is not about giving advice. It is about working together to access your wisdom and find your own solutions.

Length of Sessions
Sessions are 60 minutes in length and are usually weekly.  I usually recommend a 2 hour initial appointment for bereaved clients.

Number of Sessions
The length of the psychotherapy and counselling relationship depends on the issues you face. Shorter term counselling of usually 12 sessions or less, are for specific issues, relief from suffering or even crisis situations. Longer term counselling or psychotherapy often explores issues at a deeper level, exploring how the past may be affecting your current self, perceptions and relationships. One aim may be to increase self-awareness, so as to create more choice and responsibility for your life and ultimately have a richer, more vibrant life.