Welcome to Your Path

Your Path is a psychotherapy, counselling and coaching practice in Auckland.
Psychotherapy, counselling and coaching are processes which invest in your most treasured asset, YOU.

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy and counselling are collaborative processes, where a wide range of therapeutic approaches can be drawn creatively from which best suits your individual needs.

Psychotherapy and counselling increases awareness, removes obstacles to growth and change, and generates freedom and responsibility. Benefits you may receive include being more resourceful, increased self-esteem and a more accepting attitude to all aspects of yourself, increased tolerance for the uncertainties in life, increased resilience, having an expanded capacity for emotional intimacy and living in greater flow, peace and with ease.

The process fosters courage to meet your challenges, you will move from confusion to clarity. Anxiety will diminish as you find new ways of being that are more satisfying to you.

Coaching focuses on what you want. The process starts with defining a goal or vision, looking at where you are now, then proceeds to creating awareness, designing actions, managing progress and accountability. Through a process of a coach listening, asking powerful and solution focussed questions, identifying your strengths and resources, and challenging your thinking, blocks to creating the life you desire are removed.  Coaching is present and future oriented.